History of Aura Machines

*This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics.

For millenia, only specialists were able to see the aura, the field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds all living things.   And if you wanted to gain the kind of self-knowledge available through a deep understanding of your aura, you had to seek out these specialists and trust that they could accurately interpret what they saw.

Not any longer.

Aura machines represent an incredible breakthrough on the journey toward enlightenment and self-discovery…by allowing everyone a detailed picture of what their aura says about them.

The First Aura Machines

The first aura machines were invented in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, a Russian researcher.  His discovery, which has become known as Kirlian photography, produced startling aura images by sending an electric current through an object and capturing the aura image on a photographic plate.

Toward the beginning of his experimentation with aura imaging and aura machines, Kirlian took a photo of two seemingly identical leaves — except that one leaf came from a healthy plant and the other came from a diseased plant.  To his astonishment, he discovered that the aura image produced by the healthy plant was strong and vibrant, while the aura image produced from the diseased plant was weak and dim.

Excited by his findings, researchers and supporters corroborated Kirlian’s work, and began to produce more and more sophisticated devices to capture the aura photos.  To this day, some still use aura machines based on Kirlian photography to help individuals better understand themselves.

Biofeedback Aura Imaging and Aura Photography

Of course, as powerful as Kirlian photography is, these days there are even more advanced forms of aura machines.

Advancements in the field of biofeedback technology — the same type of technology that has produced EEG and MRI scans — now allow people to get vivid, accurate depictions of their aura.

Biofeedback aura imaging harnesses this sophisticated technology to read your electronic signature and interpret the data as color.  What’s more, in many instances, these advanced aura machines actually provide interactive multimedia experiences, where you can learn in-depth about various aspects of your personality, lifestyle, and energy.

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