Understanding the Power of Your Aura

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*This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics.

All through history man has always endeavored to search out things. The discovery of the aura or energy field totally changed the way people perceive their health and wellness. Aura is not something that was discovered recently, most traditions and cultures knew of aura way back before modernization came into being. Terms that represent aura such as qi, prana, ki, and ch’i have been in use by ancient communities and it is not rare for one to hear someone say, “I was consulting my ch’i”, or “My chakra is telling me….”, and many others. All these are prove that -aura has been in existence throughout history. Furthermore, ancient rock petroglyphs have portrayed artwork representing the energy fields or aura.

Demystifying the Auric Energy Phenomenon

To better understand aura we need to be clear on some common myths that stipulate that aura is a mystery or a fiction. This is not true, aura is real and it refers to a field of energy that surrounds every living thing. They portray the invisible energy that all of us are endowed with at birth, carries us throughout our lifetime, and is released upon death. Aura could not be seen by anybody in the past, but currently, thanks to the Kirlian technology, everyone can see their aura. The use of the aura camera or Kirlian biofeedback technology helps in capturing these invisible energy fields. It then analyzes and presents the aura in patterns that can be interpreted.

Use of Aura Technology

We oftentimes experience sudden mood swings and we never even realize the sole cause of this as our imbalanced aura. At times someone may be worried and yet everything seems to be well with them. This is simply due to the fact that their aura is super powerful such that it brings in the effect of the surrounding environment.

The most notable aura effect can be affirmed by what we feel when we watch horrendous scenes especially on TV. Some individuals tend to cry when they experience such scenes whereas other seems to be irresponsive. This is better explained by the fact that those who cry have their auras so tuned to the scenes that it affects them negatively. This aura response can be harnessed using our most powerful natural mine; our brain. Using the brain we can control of aura and direct it towards achieving positive results in our body system. Some people involuntarily do this.

Technological advancement has brought in new ways of doing things in almost all areas of the modern economy. The health and wellness market has not been left behind when it comes to technology. The advent of the aura camera or Kirlian photography has contributed immensely to changing how people perceive their well-being. Health and wellness practitioners have also changed the way they approach various problems that affect their clients. The aura camera helps detect our auras and understand different personality traits and characteristics.

The use of the Kirlian Camera technology has now given us the ability to detect the type of aura we give off. This can help in balancing our thinking.

Aura Color Meanings

Each of the color patterns generated by our auras has a different meaning. They portray different personality traits and individual characters.  The results generated by different people tend to be dominated by either one or two colors. The aura color generated is affected by past experiences and current life events. It will also change with time depending on various circumstances such as mental, health, or emotional states. However, no matter the change in events and circumstances, the aura always retains at least one or two dominating colors all through our lifetime.

  • Red aura-individuals with this color tend to be easily bored and easily change interest, projects, and relationships. It is due to this that they have many unfinished projects. However, if they stick to a venture for long enough they always experience outstanding success. These types of people are always direct to the point and are never afraid of giving their opinion. They never have some hidden agendas or negative motives
  • Pink aura-individuals with pink auras are strong-willed and are extremely disciplined. They tend to expect high standards from others as well. Furthermore they tend to adhere to strong values and morals. They make the best employers since they are fair. Due to their honest and likable nature they make the best employees as well. Other traits of these individuals include; creative, sensitive to needs of others, and have strong imaginations. They tend to make the best poets, authors, and great music writers.
  • Yellow aura-usually maintain an open mind. They experiment on new things and ideas. They love intellectual or peculiar things.
  • Green aura- people with this color in their aura are usually very popular and are highly respected. They excel in business and amass a lot of wealth. They are regarded as prosperous and they tend to value security, balance, and stability in their lives. Such individual rarely make mistakes in their lives since they undertake well-thought plans and never rush when making decisions.
  • Blue aura- individuals with totally blue aura are rare but may show up in certain people that have strong personalities. They are excellent communicators, charismatic, and are eloquent when communicating their views, thoughts, concepts, and ideas. They make great politicians, writers, and poets. They motivate and inspire others.
  • Purple auras-they are highly sensitive and tend to be attached to other people’s emotions and moods. They are hard to comprehend and are secretive. They have an intuitive, philosophical, and inquisitive mind. They love learning and exploring new things especially in subjects that interest them. They are knowledgeable and interesting to hang around.
  • Orange aura-individuals with this color dominating their aura are kind, honest, and have a good heart. They are so charming such that everyone feels at ease when they hang around them. They are always confident with the impact they leave on others and in most cases use this to their advantage.

In a nut-shell, the subject of our aura is extremely fascinating and if we harness this power we can eliminate various diseases, afflictions, and ailments, so that we keep our bodies healthy. The aura camera makes this dissemination of knowledge easy and exciting.

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