The Difference Between Auras And Chakras Everyone Should Know

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*This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics.

The Western world is now becoming more familiar with the terms auras and chakras. Countless articles, blogs and even books (one of my favorites is Kuthumi and Djwal Kul’s The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras) have been written on such topics. However,  several misconceptions are still alive. Let’s talk about the difference between auras and chakras.

What are auras and chakras, after all?

Aura literally means atmosphere. It’s the unique atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, thing or place. New age  spiritualism describes it as an emanation that surrounds the body of a human (or any living creature for that matter) and is an essential part of an individual.

Chakra is a Sunsikrat word that literally means a circle or wheel. It represents the seven centers of spiritual power in the human body, located along the spine.

Auras and chakras – how do they work?

An aura can be affected by various factors, mainly by energy or other auras of others around us. If you are dealing with a person who is more powerful and intimidating, their energy can affect your aura and vice versa. Erin Pavlina explains in one of her blog posts:  “if you’re enjoying the company of your lover, your aura will reach out to their aura and create a combination, which is actually a light like a halo. Interestingly, some part of your energy field will stay with them and some part of their aura will be clinging to you, even when you two part.” What an interesting thought!

So, your aura can be your current state or your way of being, and depending on the circumstances, can change pretty quickly. Thus, it can be adjusted rather easily, with your chakras.

Unlike your aura, chakras reside inside your body in the form of energy centers. Interestingly, you can see your chakras using aura camera. There are seven of them, each has a different color and relates to a different aspect of your life and areas of the body. For example, Muladhara aka the Root Chakra, is the first chakra. It’s red in color and is responsible for security, stability and abundance. Sahasrāra aka the Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra. It’s violet in color and relates to awareness, consciousness and wisdom. Each play different but equally powerful roles. And, you have five more!


Your aura can change colors just as quickly as a chameleon. On the other hand, each of the seven chakras has a unique color, which is the same for everyone. Your aura color interpretation tells about your mood and current state, while subtle variations in chakras can tell your life story and imbalances in it.  Aura and chakra colors are similar in meaning, but not identical. Your aura can also emanate around twelve inches from your physical body, not visible seen by the human eye. Aura cameras are able to capture it on film for color determination.

Here is a quick explanation of what different aura and chakra colors mean:

Aura Chakras
Meaning Name Color Meaning
Murky pink Dishonest, immature Root chakra Red self-confidence and self-preservation
Deep red Energetic, hardworking Sacral chakra Orange Energy and creativity
Orange Adventurous, go-getter Solar plexus chakra Yellow Confidence, optimism
yellow Intelligent, creative Heart chakra Green Romance, happiness
Green Teacher, preacher, social Throat chakra Blue Learning, verbalization
Lavender Sensitive, weak Eye chakra Indigo Intuition, devotion
Violet Charismatic, dominant Crown Chakra Violet Consciousness, wisdom

Seeing auras vs seeing chakras

There are a few ways to see auras and chakras.

We usually get a unique feeling about others aura as soon as we are in their presence. For example, when we sit in the same room with an attractive person, we’re charmed by their beauty, their style, and presence. This is mainly because they have a strong aura.

A guru, spiritual healer may see your aura as well as chakras with their third eye (the mind’s eye) or even with their physical eyes. While we might get a feeling of others’ aura, seeing your chakras is not possible without years of mediation, practice and labor. Thankfully, there are several other ways to do it and the latest aura technology has made it even simpler. You can understand your chakras by learning the basics of spiritualism, mediating and yoga.

An aura camera is the easiest approach. It takes the guess work out of the equation, as it renders a person’s energies photographically in the form of aura photos. The visual result can be understood by anyone, even those who have only the very basic knowledge of chakras and auras.

Now you know auras are different from chakras. Remember that both of them combine to make the spiritual colors of a person. And interestingly, they’re linked. Auras can be healed in a matter of minutes or even seconds, but it can take life changes and effort to heal or open blocked chakras. Mediation and holistic healing therapies are ideal methods to identify any out of balance chakras and heal them. Once you balance your chakras, your aura will automatically improve.

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